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Bohni AI Solutions

Bohni AI solutions provide a set of solutions to all types of businesses in the healthcare, wellness, food, and retail sectors to help them boost their sales and get new customers without spending any money on ads.


Our vision is to help our customers get their first sale every day through us. "Bohni" is a social and commercial custom of India and Pakistan that is based on the belief that the first sale of a day establishes the seller's luck for subsequent transactions during the remainder of the day.

Bohni was established in 2020 and is promoted by IIT/IIM alumni.

Our Story

We are a team of young, technology professionals who have been working with local brick-and-mortar businesses for a very long time. We have always been passionate about solving growth problems through technology.

With the recent advancements in artificial technology (AI), we realized the new age solutions were now possible to solve some of the biggest pains for small businesses.

And, hence, the Bohni idea was born.


If you are keen to know more about us, we will encourage you to get in touch with us.

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