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Never lose a new customer

Bohni provides a WhatsApp chatbot solution to address all your new and existing customer queries without any human intervention from your end.


The bot can answer queries about your services, prices, location, timing, and any other query that you want it to answer.


The bot can also request customer reviews after they have experienced your product or service.

The bot can also be configured to remind customers of their next appointment with your business.

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Whatsapp Bot Benefits



Engage with your customers 24x7

Our WhatsApp bot is available 24x7 to answer queries from any new leads for your business.

The WhatsApp bot is personalized to greet and answer queries on your business's behalf.

Our AI-enabled bot also keeps learning about your business and keeps becoming smarter over time.


Automatically build your customers database

Bohni WhatsApp bot saves the customer name and phone number in your CRM/database as soon as customers start chatting with you.

The database can be used to send WhatsApp messages to your customers using our WhatsApp marketing module.


Increase your repeat business with your customers

Bohni WhatsApp bot uses AI to learn more about your customers and send them personalized messages to increase your repeat business.

The bot uses customers' preferences and previous purchase data to send bespoke messages and offers to them.

Want a WhatsApp bot for your business?

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