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Get more customers from Instagram and Facebook

To get more customers from Instagram, Facebook, or any other social channel, you need to create and post content every day.

However, it is not possible for small businesses to invest in content creation.

Bohni's AI-based social media manager automatically creates and posts on social media channels. It creates the most effective types of content using the most engaging hashtags and keywords.


Our AI-based social media manager reduces the need for human resources and the associated costs of hiring and training social media staff.

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InstaGrow Benefits for Your Business



Create Images, Texts and Hashtags

No need for any investment in digital marketing agency or your own employees, our AI solution will create amazing social media posts including text, images and hashtags.


Learn from social media analytics

The AI social media manager learns from the performance of previous posts and improves itself to create better content for you over time.


Answer automatically to customer leads

Our AI social media manager automatically interacts with your social media page visitors and leads and answers their queries automatically.

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